Welcome to Our Wikispaces.

Hye guys.Our group wiki name is C21Ultramom.The name sounds funny but it mean lots to us.

We totally sure that each of you very eager to know how the name of "ULTRAMOM" comes.

Actually,each of ourgroup member very loves the Ultraman character.For us, Ultraman is

one of the brave and charming character we ever know.

The words "mom" comes from how

we appreciate and always love our mother.So,we combines this two words perfectly .C21

Ultramom includesAnis Shahira Bt Mat Tajuddin (C21Ultranenes),Raihanah Bt Mohd Roslan

(Raihanah Roslan)and Madihah Bt Mohd Fadzil(Ultramadi) .We hope we can do the task

given properly.Instead,we also aim to score in this subject . Thank you.free-barbie-doll-wallpapers2.jpg