5.1 Introduction
This section concludes the significant findings and figures related to the study. In the summary of the study, the research questions will be answered with reference to the study’s findings. This will be followed by consideration of logical implications and deductions. In the end, we discuss on the limitations of study and guidelines for future research. In the recommendation part we include the way to overcome problems that we faced while conducting the research and the last but not least the conclusion of our research that we have done for the whole semester.

5.2 Summary of the study
The social networking now become one of the popular issue.Every student especially must have the social networking account.So,from that we have work on this issue and the 2BCS of Universtiti Malaysia Pahang(UMP) are our respondent.From this study we conclude that the most popular social networking is Facebook.The majority of the 2BCS student of UMP have the Facebook account.Besides,from the opinion that we get the biggest percentage of them agreeing that the Facebook now become the favourite social networking among the students.

Furthermore, the female have the highest percentage for the most addicted gender,the respondent stated that female population are more than male so and also they like to share their activities their feeling to others.While the majority reason for those respondent who choose male,they stated that male are like to play game and spent on their social networking activities to find a girl.

Refer to the research doing among the BCS’s second year student, the most influenced factor is friend and family. This is because they are in campus which is far away from their relatives. By using most popular social network account, they can keep update all information about an activities and any news among them.From this result the conclusion is the students is more friend and family give the most influence to them on having the social networking account.

5.3 Limitation of study

Limitation of study is the problem encountered by our group during the research of which gender is the most addicted to the social networking among 2BCS of Universiti Malaysia Pahang(UMP) students.Firstly, the problem we have to encountered is during the preparation of questionnare survey.We have to wait for quite long of the photocopy services at Inna shoppe,because of the problem we have to distribute the questionnare to the respondents not following the schedule.Next,the finding on the study is based on the 2 BCS UMP respondents.So,the range of the respondents not very wide.We not totally can get the results from every students from every faculty.Some of the respondents didn’t give the cooperation during the study are being done.Hence,we cannot obtain the accurate result from the survey that we have distributed.

5.4 Recommendations
There are a few problems faced by our group during do the research. Based on the research topic to find the addiction of student to the social network account, it is found that majority of them have belong their own social network account. There are some problem happen when some student are not giving back the survey that they need to fulfill and also some of them have fake their gender. It is also very hard to do the surveys because they are too busy with the works. Since they are quite addicted to the social networking, the easiest way to do the survey is by using network surveys. They just need to do the surveys online and it just take a few minutes.
5.5 Conclusions.
From our research, UMP student has become addicted to the social networking account that they belong to. It is because of a few factor that influences them to keep follow and update their social network account every single minutes. In this research shown that, friends are the best reason they keep online the most popular social network account, Facebook . Other that that, there are many advantages n disadvantages they got from this kind of situation. They also keep update on what happen on the world that makes them alert about what happen outside the campus. This shown that, it is also a good thing for them if they know how to manages it clearly and not too wasting their time on that.