2.0 Introduction
This chapter is part of data collection from a few articles as an information about the addiction of social networking nowadays. There are a few research objective which is :
a) What is the most popular social networking?
b) What is the factor of addiction to social networking?
c) Which gender most addicted to social networking?

2.1 Articles on what is the most popular social networking?
Research on the most popular social networking has pointed out a number of social network on the people with several level of age. The most popular stated by Gina (2009) is facebook. The second rank is myspace and followed by Friendster, twitter, tagged anf others.
2.1.1 Facebook
Besides that Kevin (2008) in their article asserts facebook become sixth most trafficked website in the world. It state that the number of photo sharing site with over 80 millions users across 55,000 regional work, high school and college network. On the other hand, this statement also have been proved by another research by Mark, Dustin and Chris (2004), facebook have become popular sites in the world. Each site had over a 2000 millions registered users according to Wikipedia’s figure. One of the study by Tiffany, Yevdokiyay i find out a few reasons of student attach to the facebook. Firstly, they could use facebook everyday and facebook have been use as primarily for social interaction. This is the reasons why they always keep log in almost for 24 hours per day.
Tiffany (2009) list out the reason of teenagers stay on facebook, “ I use facebook because it is a good way to keep me informed as far as who my friends interacting and associating with as well as there are up to”. “Through facebook I can communicate through message , wall post and even events. I have been able to sustain so many friendship through facebook, which is the biggest reason why I use it”. “ Signing a facebook wall is a lot easier and less time consuming than picking up the phone call a friend. Not many in college have the time for that”. Therefore, for this kind of strong reason, facebook have become one of the most important thing in people life.
2.1.2 Myspace
The features of myspace look like the facebook but it some kind different. Myspace work as the medium of connecting people and also advertising.Myspacebecome one of the poplular site because it emphasize categories and aspect of popular culture that teenagers find important. As been agreed by Gina, Matt (2009) Myspace technologies seens as only essential but almost investible for 21st century education.The myspace phenomenan come first before facebook, but it give a very great impact to the people especially student.
Gail and Cynthia (1991) wrote “ assessing way in which the use of computer technology might shape, for better and worse, their strategies for working with student”. This means the specialist study on the student about any issue. They will refer to the social networking example as myspace because the student or teenagers will stay on the communication online.

Therefore, these articles proved that social networking especially facebook is important for acquiring knowledge and information in order to enrich general information and extend the connection of people. Moreover, they also mentioned that these habits help students to understand different ways of thinking and have a sense of competence and confidence to achieve in their studies.
2.2 Articles on what is the factor of addiction to social networking?
A few factor have been most reason why people become addicted to social networking have been listed in a few research doing by some researcher. The most important reason is social networking as the communication medium as well as information centre for many people. Also sharing the similar interest can make people especially student to keep login on into the social networking account.
2.2.1 As communication medium
A few research and case studies have been done by Theresa, Amber, Homero (2009) state that social networking is one of the mechanism for the user to connect or communicate and interact with each other. There are also help them to keep in touch with the people they are already know. In the present article, most social networking have provide instant messenger to chatting with the member of social networking and this make them become regular visitor with checking their profile page daily to know what is the latest news or activities of friends.
2.2.2 Sharing the similar interest or activity.
Social networking also allows user to create or join a new group, so that they can interact with other user which having a similar interest. The focus on research was on social networking able to attract their attention just because of the facilities on it. As people nowadays are lacking of time to having time to meet each other, so that for any up coming activity will be announced in the social account and they only have to tag all their friend to invite them join the activity. This situation give an impression for the user that they can spent only a few second to spread the information.
2.2.3 As an information centre.
For the student, it is the most easiest ways to spreads any useful information by using social networking because they more attracted to what theirs friends said over the official sites. There are not only student who have social account, it also happen the same thing to their lecturer. So that, it is the easiest way for the lecturer to give any information only by using social account.
On the other hand, research made by Ohbhyung and Yixing (2009), state there are another factor people become more addicted to social networking. First, social networking allows user to network for a variety purpose including shopping information, building and exploring the relationship. Second, They not only provide the ways to maintain contact with friends and family, but also meeting a new people.
2.3 Articles on which gender is more addicted to social networking?
2.3.1 Male and female
Most of student are addicted to the games provided by the social network sites. They not only want to update their, but they also obsessed towards the games applications and also beat each other. From the observation also show that male are most interesting for gaming. This is because male’s brain are more intensively stimulated by the rewards of video gaming than female’s are, in turn increasing their risk of addiction. Thus, we can see that, male student are more attracted to the games that was provided by the social networks, while female like to surf and update their status time by time.
According to the researchers made up by Andy (2009) , the graph show that female is more addicted to the social networking compare to the male. This situation also can be seen in any student class where female student more often logged on their social network sites to see the updates information, while guys are more attractive to the online games.
A few research and case studies have been done by tlspiegal-ga (2006) that there are many benefits that can be gained by students in practising good reading habits. Some of these include:
2.4 Conclusion
Based on the author’s research, it can be concluded that social networking has become one of the most important thing. People of the world are easy going with uses of social networking to communicate each other. It also can say that, the most attractive social networking is facebook and the gender that have been prove more addictive is more to female. There is a few factor that have to be considered as well as social networking has become a must to all people in the world. Pempek, Yermaolayeva, Calvert (2009), social networking sites like provided a new venue and sites to young adults or student to express themselves and to interact with one another.

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